Should the Jets draft Zach Wilson in the 2021 NFL draft?

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Drafting Zach Wilson in the 2021 NFL Draft

The 2021 NFL draft is quickly approaching, and the New York Jets have the opportunity to pick up an impressive quarterback in Zach Wilson. With the second overall pick, the Jets have a chance to make a major statement about their future. But is drafting Wilson the right move? Let’s explore the pros and cons of this potential selection.


Wilson is a talented player who has shown himself to be a great leader on the field. He has a strong arm, excellent accuracy, and great mobility. He also has the kind of intangibles that make him a great fit for the Jets' offense. He is a hard worker who is willing to put in the time to improve and make the team better. Additionally, Wilson has the kind of upside that could make him a franchise quarterback.

Wilson has also proven himself to be a winner. He led BYU to a 13-0 record in 2020, the best in school history. He also set numerous records, including most passing yards and most passing touchdowns in a single season. He was named the MVP of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl this past season. This kind of success at the college level is a strong indication that Wilson could be successful at the professional level.


Wilson may have had success at the college level, but he still has to prove himself at the NFL level. He is coming from a smaller school in BYU, so there is some concern about how well he will adjust to the speed and complexity of the professional game. Additionally, there are questions about how well he will respond to the pressure and scrutiny of being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The Jets also have other needs that could be addressed with the second overall pick. There are a number of talented players in the draft who could provide help in other areas of the team. It may be the wiser move to select a player who can immediately make an impact, rather than gamble on a potential franchise quarterback.


Ultimately, the decision to draft Zach Wilson will come down to whether or not the Jets believe he can be a successful NFL quarterback. He has the intangibles and the college success, but he still has to prove himself at the professional level. The Jets have other needs that could be addressed with the second overall pick, so they must weigh the pros and cons of choosing Wilson.

Analyzing the Impact Zach Wilson Could Have on the Jets in 2021

The New York Jets have the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, and there is much debate surrounding who they should select. One of the top prospects on the board is BYU quarterback, Zach Wilson. Wilson has drawn comparisons to all-pros such as Russell Wilson, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Aaron Rodgers, and many experts believe he has the potential to transform the Jets’ offense and set the team up for success.

Wilson has the arm talent and accuracy to make all the throws, and his ability to extend plays adds another layer to his game. He is a highly intelligent and creative player who excels at reading defenses and finding ways to get the ball to his receivers. He also has the athleticism to make plays with his feet and extend drives when needed.

Wilson is the type of player who can turn an offense from mediocre to elite. His combination of arm strength, accuracy, and athleticism makes him a lethal weapon, and his understanding of the game allows him to take advantage of any given situation. If the Jets do decide to take Wilson with the second overall pick, they will be getting a player who can bring immediate impact and long-term stability to their offense.

Wilson’s ability to make plays on the move will be particularly valuable for the Jets, as their offensive line has struggled in recent years. His mobility will give him the ability to evade pressure and make plays downfield, something that the Jets desperately need in order to get their offense back on track.

Wilson is no doubt a talented player, but how well he adjusts to the NFL game and the Jets’ offensive scheme will be the key factors in determining his success. If he can adapt quickly and pick up the new system, he has the potential to be a franchise quarterback and make the Jets contenders in the AFC East.

Only time will tell if the Jets decide to draft Zach Wilson, but if they do, he could be the missing piece that turns their offense into one of the most feared in the league. His combination of arm talent, intelligence, and athleticism makes him a special prospect, and with the right pieces around him, he could be the quarterback to lead the Jets to the playoffs for the first time in years.

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